Kausalität und Gnade: Hinführung zu einem philosophischen Verständnis der Widerspruchsfreiheit kooperativer Gnade.

Causality and Grace Introduction to a Philosophical Understanding of the Non-Contradiction Operative in Cooperative Grace

Official Christian teaching acknowledges the existence of both human freedom and God's absolute sovereignty. Hence, to explain the possibility of a co-operative relation between both these realities and thus explain the possibility of "co-operative" grace1 presents our thinking and understanding with difficulties that are not inconsiderable. How can one think about the freedom of the human will when it is considered in conjunction with the reality of God's absolute will? How can one think about a co-operation between contingent and absolute reality? Here, our object is to elicit a preliminary philosophical understanding with respect to this question which asks about the possibility of co-operation between these two distinct realities.

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