Eine Einführung in Lonergan's Verständnis von Wahrheit

Bernard Lonergan's Notion of Truth -- From Augustine through Thomas Aquinas

In this paper, I hope to introduce Bernard Lonergan's understanding of truth as this exists in the nature and structure of human judgment. However, since Lonergan's understanding of truth does not exist in a vacuum, because it partially derives from earlier reflections on the nature of truth, I shall begin with a note on how St. Augustine understood truth and from there proceed to St. Thomas Aquinas. For many years, Lonergan read deeply into the philosophy and theology of Aquinas and, as one looks at Aquinas's understanding of truth, one find a line of development that moves within Catholic thought toward the kind of analysis which Lonergan offers in his theory of truth that attempts to meet a number of concerns and questions which have arisen in the current development of modern philosophy in the West.

Das ganze Dokument als pdf-Datei: Truth.pdf

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